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    Ypsilon Scheme System
    Copyright (c) 2004-2008 Y.FUJITA / LittleWing Company Limited.
    See license.txt for terms and conditions of use


#include "core.h"
#include "object.h"

class reader_t {
    reader_t(VM* vm, scm_port_t input);
    scm_obj_t read(scm_hashtable_t note);
    scm_obj_t read_graph(scm_hashtable_t note);
    void            lexical_error(const char* fmt, ...) ATTRIBUTE(noreturn);
    void            unget_ucs4();
    int             get_ucs4();
    int             lookahead_ucs4();
    int             ensure_ucs4(int ucs4);
    scm_obj_t       read_bytevector();
    void            read_thing(char *buff,size_t size);
    int             read_hex_scalar_value();
    int             read_escape_sequence();
    int             read_radix(int exactness);
    int             read_exactness(int radix);
    scm_obj_t       read_prefixed_number(int exactness, int radix, bool swap);
    scm_obj_t       read_number();
    scm_obj_t       read_token();
    scm_obj_t       read_string();
    scm_obj_t       read_list(bool bracketed, bool vector);
    scm_obj_t       read_quoted_symbol();
    scm_obj_t       read_symbol();
    scm_obj_t       read_char();
    scm_obj_t       read_expr();
    scm_obj_t       cons(scm_obj_t e1, scm_obj_t e2);
    scm_obj_t       list2(scm_obj_t e1, scm_obj_t e2);
    scm_obj_t       reverse_list(scm_obj_t lst, scm_obj_t tail);
    scm_obj_t       skip_line();
    scm_obj_t       skip_srfi30();
    bool            delimited(int c);
    void            put_note(scm_obj_t key, scm_obj_t value);
    void            put_note(const char* symbol_name, scm_obj_t value);
    void            parsing_range(int from, int to);
    void            parsing_line(int line);
    scm_obj_t       lookup_graph(scm_tuple_t tuple);
    void            link_graph(scm_obj_t obj);

    scm_hashtable_t m_note;
    int             m_first_line;
    int             m_parsing_line_from;
    int             m_parsing_line_to;
    scm_obj_t       m_ungetbuf;
    int             m_ungetbuf_valid;
    scm_hashtable_t m_graph;
    int             m_graph_ref;
    VM*             m_vm;
    scm_port_t      m_in;
    bool            m_file;
    static bool     s_char_map_ready;
    static uint8_t  s_char_map[128];
    static void     make_char_map();


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